DIN VDE0620-1 Standards Plugs and Socket-Outlets Gauges Measuring Tool

Go gauge for E14 caps on finished lamps
Purpose: To check the maximum dimensions of the screw thread and dimension T1 minimum of E14 caps on finished lamps.
Testing: When the cap on a finished lamp has been screwed into the gauge as far as it will go, the centre contact shall be co-planar with, or project beyond surface X. “


DIN VDE0620-1 Standards Plugs and Socket-outlets Gauges Measuring Tool

Application:BONAD offers a wide range of gauge to meet the most common standards including those from IEC ,EN,UL,GB,DIN,VDE and the others , Such standards require the checking of size &definition etc. These gauge are constructed from senior stainless steel and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 60 HRC and roughness according require to standard require. Each gauge is supplied with a certificate of calibration.

Germany plug and socket gauge is strictly designed and manufactured according to the relevant standard requirements of VDE0620-1:2010.

This plug and socket test gauge is mainly used to test and inspect whether the structure and size of plugs and sockets conform to VDE0620-1:2010 standards. And the mainly application industries is electronics, electrical appliances, plugs and sockets and other similar areas.

VDE DIN 0620-1 Gauges List:

No. STANDARD Quantity
1 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre1 3pcs
2 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre2A.B 2pcs
3 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre3 1pc
4 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre4 1pc
5 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre5 4pcs
6 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre6A 2pcs
7 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre6B 2pcs
8 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre7A.B 2pcs
9 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre8 1pcs
10 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre9 1pcs
11 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre10-A 1pcs
12 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre10-B 1pc
13 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre11 1pc
14 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre12 4pcs
15 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre13 1pc
16 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre14 1pc
17 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre15 1pc
18 DIN-VDE0620-1-Fig15 1pc
19 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre16a 1pc
20 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre16d 1pc
21 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre17 1pc
22 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre18 1pc
23 DIN-VDE0620-1-49440-L1 1pc
24 DIN-VDE0620-1-49440-L2 1pc
25 DIN-VDE0620-1-49440-L1-L2 3pcs
26 DIN-VDE0620-1-Bild15 1set
27 DIN-VDE0620-1-Bild14 1pc
28 DIN-VDE0620-1-Bild43 2pcs
29 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre16e 1pc
30 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre19a 1pc
31 DIN-VDE0620-1-Lehre19b 1pc
32 DIN-VDE0620-1-Bild16a 1pc
33 DIN-VDE0620-1-Bild16d 1pc



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