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BS1363 Figure 5 Gauge For Plug Pins

The gauge shall be deemed to meet the dimensional requirements (if the measurement results are within thespecified dimension and the measurement uncertainty does not exceed 0.005mm when the confidence level does not exceed 95%)

12.2.1 lnspection, measurement and use of gauge as shown in Figure 5. For gauge test, the reconnecting plugshould be connected with BS 6500:2000, 1.25mm2 3-core flexible cord as shown in Table 27. Non-reconnectingplugs shall be tested in delivery condition.


BS1363 Gauge for use with plug pins

BS1363 Standard for plug and socket gauges

BS1363-Fig1 Test PIN

BS1363-Fig5 Plug and pin gauge

Test device for mounting screws of BS1363-Fig6 joint cover

BS1363-Fig7 Mounting panel

BS1363-Fig8 Plug elastic bending test deviceBS1363-Fig10 Pressure test device

BS1363-Fig11max/min socket gauge

BS1363-Fig12 Contact test gauge

BS1363-Fig14 non-contact test gauge

BS1363-Fig15 Socket transverse stress gauge

BS1363-Fig16a/b socket pulling output gauge

BS1363-Fig17a.b Test apparatus and simulation panel for temperature rise test

BS1363-Fig19 Solid stainless steel fuse

BS1363-Fig23 Pressure test deviceTest device for BS1363-Fig32 Pin (excluding 1100N device)

BS1363-Fig20 Barrel rolling device

BS1363-Fig24 ball pressure deviceCalibration fixture for fuse

BS1363-Fig29BS1363-Fig30 Temperature rise plug

BS1363-Fig33 Torgue fixture

Gauge BS1363-Fig34

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