VDE DIN 49441 Germany Plug Gauge With Plug Gauge Set

Application: BONAD offers a wide range of gauge to meet the most common standards including those from IEC ,EN,UL,GB,DIN,VDE and the others , Such standards require the checking of size &definition etc. These gauge are constructed from senior stainless steel and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 60 HRC and roughness according require to standard require. Each gauge is supplied with a certificate of calibration.


VDE DIN 49441 Germany Plug Gauge with Plug gauge


Germany plug and socket gauges are manufactured in strict compliance with VDE0620-1:2010, which is the applicable standard. The primary purpose of this plug and socket test gauge is to determine if the size and construction of plugs and sockets meet VDE0620-1:2010 requirements. Additionally, the primary application industries are plugs and sockets, electronics, electrical appliances, and other related fields.

BONAD offers a wide range of gauge to meet the most common standards including those from IEC ,EN,UL,GB,DIN,VDE and the others , Such standards require the checking of size &definition etc. These gauge are constructed from senior stainless steel and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 60 HRC and roughness according require to standard require. Each gauge is supplied with a certificate of calibration.   

VDE DIN 49441 Gauges List: 

Name Description
VDE DIN49441 Gauges and weight 5N, 8N, 9N
VDE DIN49441 16A test plug
VDE DIN49441 2.5A test plug
VDE DIN49441 CEE7 fig21
VDE DIN49441 VDE DIN49441-L1.L2
VDE DIN49441 VDE DIN49440-L1.L2
VDE DIN49441 VDE DIN49441-L1.L2


Why is DINVDE06201VDE06201)20054 important?

DINVDE06201VDE06201)20054 is of utmost importance due to several reasons. Firstly, it promotes consistency and uniformity in various industries, enabling seamless collaboration and exchange of products and services. Secondly, it ensures safety and reliability by defining minimum requirements and performance criteria. Thirdly, DINVDE06201VDE06201)20054 fosters innovation and technological advancement, driving progress within the industry. Lastly, compliance with DINVDE06201VDE06201)20054 enhances credibility and trust among stakeholders, leading to increased customer satisfaction and market competitiveness.

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