EN50075 Figure 2 Plug Gauge Test Gauges

The primary purpose of this plug and socket test gauge is to determine if the size and construction of plugs and sockets meet EN 50075 (BS EN 50075:1991) requirements. Additionally, the primary application industries are plugs and sockets, electronics, electrical appliances, and other related fields.


EN50075 Figure 7 Plug Gauge


Characteristics: Material hardness exceeds 50 HRC; Gauge measurements, tolerances, and hardness and surface roughness meet specified criteria;The material’s coefficient of thermal expansion is low, and its dimensions and tolerances are dependable and steady.


EN50075 test devices list:


  Product name Standard
1 Gauge for pin diameter EN50075-Fig1-GO
2 Gauge for pin diameter EN50075-Fig1-NotGO
3 Gauge for interchangeability EN50075-Fig2
4 Standard test finger EN50075-Fig3
5 Gauge for checking impossibility of single-pole insertion of plugs into socket-outlets EN50075-Fig4
6 Apparatus for testing cord retention to the accessory EN50075-Fig5
7 Arrangement for compression test EN50075-Fig7
8 Tumbling barrel EN50075-Fig8
9 Apparatus for abrasion test on insulation sleeves of plug pin EN50075-Fig9
10 Apparatus for compression test for the verification of resistance to heat EN50075-Fig10


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