Test Finger Probe

IEC 60529 IP2X Jointed test finger probe B

Jointed finger probe is mainly manufactured for testing the protection against access to hazardous parts. It is a high-precision probe, which simulates human finger movement.it can be with 10-50N force if necessary.


IEC 60529 IP2X Jointed test finger probe B with 50N froce

Technical Parameters:

Model Item name Standatds Parameters Pictures:
BND-B Jointed test finger probe B without force IEC61032



IEC60045  IEC60884

Knurled Finger Diameter:12mm

Knurled Finger Length:80mm

Baffle Plate Diameter:50mm

Baffle Plate Length:100mm

Baffle Thickness:20mm

BND-BF Jointed test finger

probe B with force


Knurled Finger Diameter:12mm
Knurled Finger Length:80mm
Baffle Plate Diameter:50mm
Baffle Plate Length:100mm
Baffle Thickness:20mm

Tests for protection against solid foreign objects indicated by the first characteristic numeral specified in IEC60529.

First No. Addit. Letter Access Probe test force
2 B Access Probe 10N±10%

Acceptance condition:

The protection is satisfactory if adequate clearance is kept between the access probe andhazardous parts.

in the case of the test for the additional letter B, the jointed test finger may penetrate to its 80 mm length, but the stop face (Ф50 mm x 20 mm) shall not pass through the opening. Starting from the straight position, both joints of the test finger shall be successively bent through an angle of up to 90 with respect to the axis of the adjoining section of the finger and shall be placed in every possible position.Jointed test finger probe B

Material: metal, except where otherwise specified

Linear dimensions in millimetres

Tolerances on dimensions without specific tolerance:

on angles: 0/-10°

on linear dimensions.

up to 25 mm: 0-0.05over 25 mm: +0,2

Both joints shall permit movement in the same plane andthe same direction through an angle of 90° with a 0 to +10°tolerance.

Pictures of jointed test figner:

Jointed test finger probe B 2Jointed test finger probe B 3

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