IP Waterproof Test Equipment

IPX3 IPX4 Oscillating Tube Rain Spray Test Equipment

IPX3 and IPX4 are both test methods used to determine the degree of protection offered by electrical equipment enclosures against water ingress, as per the IEC 60529 standard.


IPX3/4 Oscillating Test Equipment Standard

In accordance with IEC 60529: 2001 “Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)”

Product Introduction:

Oscillating Tube Rain Spray Test Equipment is designed according to the standards of IEC 60529-2001 (Enclosure protection level). It is mainly used for electronic products (such as a camera, watch or mobile phone).to do water-proof or water-resistant test. Our water spray and splash test device is made for verifying if objects relatively unaffected by water or resisting the ingress of water under specified conditions.

It is aiming to test the waterproof performance of enclosures by testing the harmful effect to the appliance when water into the enclosure.

Mainly for checking the protection against ingress of water to verify the degrees of protection IPX3″Protection against spraying water” and IPX4 “Protection against splashing water”.

Oscillating Tube Rain Spray Test Equipment

Main Features:

The IP rain spray equipment with oscillating tube allows:

Evaluating the resistance against rain, water spraying and splashing

Both IPX3 and IPX4 water spray test is available. To verifying the IP protection degree indicated by the second characteristic numeral, against ingress of water in form of rain and splashing: against spray dust and rain.

The spray test is performed with specimen rotation and oscillating tube revolution around the parts.

Spray nozzles cover the whole 180° of the semicircle of the oscillating tube.


IPX3 and IPX4 tests are vital for a wide range of products, including outdoor electronic devices, handheld electronics, and outdoor sporting equipment .

Technology parameter:

No. Model BND-IPX34B-R200 BND-IPX34B-R400 BND-IPX34B-R600
1 Swing pipe size (mm) R200 R400 R600
2 Inner dimensions (mm) L500*D500*H500mm L900*D900*H900mm L1300*D1300*H1300mm
3 Outer size(mm) L1000*D680*H1440mm L1400*D1080*H1900mm L1740*D1480*H1950mm
4 Flow (L / mm)) 0-1L/Min 0-2L/Min 0-3L/Min
5 Turntable Size (mm) ¢200 ¢400(can add ¢200) ¢600(can add


6 Turntable height adjustable range 150-250 mm 350-600mm 550-1000mm
7 Spray aperture diameter (mm) 0.4
8 swing pipe inner diameter


9 Swing angle 120°(IPX3), 350°(IPX4), or customize
10 Swing speed 120°(to and fro) 4S、360°(to and fro)

12S(accurate control)or customize

11 Swing pipe material SUS304 stainless steel
12 Turntable speed 1-5r/min(accurate control)
13 protective device Leakage, water shortage, short circuit
14 Power supply (V) 220V
15 Power(KW) 1
16 Standards IEC60529:1989+A1(IPX3、IPX4)


1..What is the significance of IPX3 /IPX4 ratings for manufactures and consumers ?

It provides manufacturers and consumers with the assurance that these products can handle exposure to water without compromising their functionality and safety.

2.What are differences between IPX3 and IPX4 testing?

The primary difference between the two is the direction and volume of water exposure.

IPX3 testing involves spraying water at the equipment from a 60° angle using an oscillating tube for a duration of 5 minutes.

IPX4 testing assesses an enclosure’s resistance to water ingress from all directions. The enclosure is subjected to water splashes from an oscillating tube a duration of 10 minutes.

3. Could I conduct IPX3 and IPX4 testing by one machine?

Yes. Our product is for both IPX3 and IPX4.

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