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VDE DIN 49441 Germany Plug Gauge With Plug Gauge Set A

Germany plug and socket gauge is strictly designed and manufactured according to the relevant standard requirements of VDE0620-1:2010.
This plug and socket test gauge is mainly used to test and inspect whether the structure and size of plugs and sockets conform to VDE0620-1:2010 standards. And the mainly application industries is electronics, electrical appliances, plugs and sockets and other similar areas.


VDE DIN 49441 Germany Plug Gauge with Plug gauge set


BONAD offers a wide range of gauge to meet the most common standards including those from IEC ,EN,UL,GB,DIN,VDE and the others , Such standards require the checking of size &definition etc. These gauge are constructed from senior stainless steel and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 60 HRC nd roughness according require to standard require. Each gauge is supplied with a certificate of calibration.

VDE DIN 49441 Gauges List:

Name Description
VDE DIN49441 Gauges and weight 5N, 8N, 9N
VDE DIN49441 16A test plug
VDE DIN49441 2.5A test plug
VDE DIN49441 CEE7 fig21
VDE DIN49441 VDE DIN49441-L1.L2
VDE DIN49441 VDE DIN49440-L1.L2
VDE DIN49441 VDE DIN49441-L1.L2

Germany Plug Gauge With Plug Gauge Set A

About the gauges:

1.What does a thread plug gauge do?

A thread gauge is used to check the dimensions of a specific thread form angle, pitch and diameter. Plug gauges are used to check internal threads, whereas ring gauges are used to check external threads. Each gauge comprises of two parts: a GO gauge and a NO GO gauge. Both parts should be used to check the thread.

2.What is a Socket Plug Gauge?

A socket or plug gauge is a tool used to check the size or type of a plug. It is a metal device, typically shapedlike a plug, with a handle for easy use. There are different types of socket plug gauges, each designed to fitspecific types and sizes of plugs. For instance, a three-pronged gauge will check the fit and compatibility ofthree-pronged plugs, while a two-pronged gauge will do the same for two-pronged plugs

3.What is an Outlet Gauge?

An outlet gauge, also known as a receptacle tester, is a tool used to check the electrical wiring in an outlet. It isa plastic device with several prongs or lights that indicate if the wiring is correct, if the ground wire is presentand if there is any damage to the outlet. It is a valuable tool for electricians and DIY enthusiasts who want toensure the safety of their electrical systems.

4.Where Can They Be Used?

Socket plug and outlet gauges can be used in numerous settings, including homes, offices, factories, andcommercial spaces. They are especially useful for.

Electricians who need to test and troubleshoot electrical systemsHomeowners who want to ensure their outlets and plugs are working properly and safely. Businesses that rely on electrical devices, such as computers and printers, to ensure they are plugged incorrectly and efficiently.

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