Suitcase Walk Mileage Abrasion Test Machine

Suitcase Walk Mileage Abrasion Test Machine

This product is used for wheel luggage, travel bag, baby carrier... Walk test, test their walking in the use of a wheel when using trunk quality, through the test range, test speed, to examine the luggage wheel heat resistance, rupture and loss of the wheel material wear resistance and the overall structure of the box with and without damage and deformation, the result of the test, can be reference for improvement.​

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Suitcase Walk Mileage Abrasion Test Machine


Brief introduction:
This product is used for wheel luggage, travel bag, baby carrier... Walk test, test their walking in the use of a wheel when using trunk quality, through the test range, test speed, to examine the luggage wheel heat resistance, rupture and loss of the wheel material wear resistance and the overall structure of the box with and without damage and deformation, the result of the test, can be reference for improvement.


1. Test roller: diameter 216 ± 2mm, width 600mm.

2. Steel: width 30mm, thickness 3mm, chamfer 0.5mm

3. Fixture before and after the amount of movement: 35 ~ 95mm

4, lever angle: 45 ° ± 2 °

5. Control mode: Adjustable speed, test stop time can be set.

6. Fixture up and down the amount of movement: 55 ~ 115mm

7. Test speed: 4km / h

8 Timer: LCD display

9. Machine size (W × D × H): 173 × 710 × 150cm

10. Power: 220V, 5A

11. Control mode: Adjustable speed. The test stop time can be set.

12. Equipped with: a hex wrench M6

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