​IEC61032 Test Probe Kits BND-TPK06

​IEC61032 Test Probe Kits BND-TPK06

BOAND provides all kinds of IEC61032 test probes, test probe kits.Several Different accessibility probe kits are available for specific standards. Kits can be created for other standards on request. Probe Kits offer substantial cost savings not to mention added convenience

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Product Details

IEC61032 Test Probe Kits BND-TPK06


Product Details:

· BND-B: IEC Jointed Finger Probe w/ banana jack in handle (as required)

· BND-19: Child Test Finger Probe / Probe 19 of IEC 61032

· BND-18: Child Test Finger Probe / Probe 18 of IEC 61032

· BND-13: Test Pin Probe (short)

· BND-12: Test Pin Probe

· BND-D: 1.0mm Test Wire Probe / Test Probe D of IEC 61032

· BND-C: 2.5mm Test Rod Probe / Test Probe C of IEC 61032

· BND-11: Rigid Finger Probe

· BND-SG: IEC Test Hook (with means for connection to force gauge)

· BND-G500R: 50mm impact test ball w/ removable eyelet (as required)

· BND-G227: Impact Test Ball w/ Rockwell Hardness R62+ (as required)

· BND-TB12: Telecom Test Probe (to test accessibility to TNV circuits)

· CC-04: Two padded carrying cases

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