IEC61032 IP4X Test Probe D With 1N Force

IEC61032 IP4X Test Probe D With 1N Force

Test probe D with 1N force

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Accessibility Probe IEC61032 IEC 60529

IP4X Test Probe D With a 1N Force  

Article NO.,BND-D

We offers a wide range of probes to meet the most common standards including those from IEC, EN, UL, GB, and others. Such standards require the checking of accessibility to dangerous parts of home electronics and appliances, toys, tools, and a host of other products that are intended to be protected by enclosures. These probes simulate human fingers, tools, and other items that would be hazardous to come in contact with certain parts of products.
These probes are constructed from Delrin and appropriate steel with a hardness of at least 50 HRC and a roughness that does not exceed 1.6 um. Each probe is supplied with a certificate of calibration and comes in an individual wooden box with a clear cover.

Basic Introduction:

1,According to: IEC61032:1997/IEC60529:2001 AND UL

2,P4X Test Probe D ( Test Probe D) is a necessary appliance for domestic and similar electrical appliance of against electric shock protection test.


Technical parameters

1, Test Probe Length :100mm

2, Test Probe Diameter:1.0mm

3,Dam- sphere Diameter:35mm

4,Handle Diameter:10mm

5,Handle Length 100mm

6, According to IEC61032 figure 4 (the Test probe D)



1, Standard test refers to the joint part can't touch the live parts or approachi to the hazardous parts, 30mm circular baffle cannot enter .

2,In the test requirement for preventing from approaching to the hazardous parts,  Test Probe D need to exert a thrust 1±0.1N

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trade info

How to order                                                                      

1. Place the order and pay directly if you have no question to the product.

2. If you have some questions, don't bother to send me a message to ask. 

3. After you have paid the money, we will deliver the goods as soon as possible.       


Packaging and Shipping                                                     

1. Aluminium box and carton box, careful and tight package, make sure the package is intact. 

2. The package will be shipped by DHL/Fedex/TNT/EMS/UPS/China post/EF-Express/Special line, as you have chose in the order.

3.  The shipping time is different, it depends on the distance bewteen us. At usual, exclude the preparing time, the goods would be sent to you in 5days.

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