IEC60529 IP1X Test Probe A With A 50N Force

IEC60529 IP1X Test Probe A With A 50N Force

Accessibility probe IEC60529 IP1X Test Probe A with a 50N force

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IP1X Probe A /Test Probe A

1, According to : IEC61032:1997 /IEC60529:2001 and UL

2, IP1X Probe A (Test Probe A)  is necessary appliance for domestic and similar electrical appliance of against electric shock protection test.


Technical Parameters:

1, Ball Diameter: 50mm

2, Baffle Plate Diameter: 45mm

3, Baffle Plate Thickness:4mm

4, Handle Diameter: 10mm

5, Handle Length :100mm

6, According to IEC61032 figure 1 (the Test probe A), table 6



1, Sphere can not touch the live parts or the hazardous parts.

2, In the testing requirements of preventing from approaching to the hazardous parts, the test steel ball without force needs to be used with pull and push dynamometers ,the sphere body needs to exert thrust of 50±5N (30±3N) to the protective covering.

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