Single Spring Operated Impact Test Hammer

Single Spring Operated Impact Test Hammer

6 Types: Single energy Impact Hammer: 0.14/0.20/0.35/0.50/0.70/1.0/2.0J 1 Type: Universal 6 energy Impact Hammer: 0.14/0.20/0.35/0.50/0.70/1.0J

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IEC 60068-2-75 0.14J to 2.0J single spring operated impact test hammer


The instrument is designed to conform to IEC60068-2-75 and other commonly used standards in the market. All components are made to the specifications required by the standards. Hammers are available in single force selections or a Universal Spring Hammer that offers five selectable impact energies. Each hammer is delivered in a protective case with a calibration certificate.

Impact Hammers are used to check the durability of enclosures for electrical appliances or other electronic products. If damage occurs from the Impact Hammer test, Accessibility Probes can be used to measure the extent or severity of the damage. The Impact Hammer simulates the mechanical impact to which electrical equipment may be subjected.

Body (includes release mechanism and striking element guide) mass = 1250g
Striking element with cocking knob and hammer head, polyamide face with a radius of 10mm mass = 250g
Hardness of Hammer Head = R100 (Rockwell Hardness)
Release Cone: 60g, release pressure <10N
(Remark: Model SI-2026 2J Spring Hammer striking element mass = 500g, release pressure <20N, hammer head with radius of 25mm made of steel with a hardness of R80-85)

Conforms To:
IEC60068-2-75, IEC60065, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1, IEC60745-1, GB4706.1, GB8898,GB7000.1

6 Types: Single energy Impact Hammer: 0.14/0.20/0.35/0.50/0.70/1.0/
1 Type: Universal 6 energy Impact Hammer: 0.14/0.20/0.35/0.50/0.70/1.0J


Impact EnergyError

Method of Application:
Single spring hammer : To steady and hold the hammer, choose an impact point on tested surface, then pull the operating handle of the hammer. At this moment, the impact hammer is activated. Let the impact hammer vertical towards the sample's surface, then make the head of the hammer impact the surface.

Universal Spring Hammer: rotate the rear cover, change the impact energy to you need, then the same operation as the single spring hammer.


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