Voltage Output 3 Pins Soil Moisture And Temperature Sensor

Voltage Output 3 Pins Soil Moisture And Temperature Sensor

Voltage output 3 pins soil moisture and temperature sensor

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Voltage output 3 pins soil moisture and temperature sensor 

The MS20 is a high precision and high sensitivity of soil moisture & temperature sensors. By measuring the dielectric constant of the soil, it shows stable real moisture content directly. The MS20 can measure the volume of soil moisture. The FDR soil moisture measurement method is in line with present international standards. Apply to the soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiment, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse vegetables, flowers, grass, fast measure, plant cultivation, greenhouse control, precision agriculture and the other measurement of water, weather or particulate matter content.

The sensor has following features:

1. Support customer soil type, the user can calibration

2. Contain moisture & temperature measure. High precision, quick response and good compatibility.

3. Seal with Fire-retardant Epoxy Resin, IP68 water proofing. Long term usage.

4. Special treatment of probe material can be against acid and alkali corrosion.

5. Widely used in many kinds of soil because of the imported advance tech which correct the effect of different salt content.

6. Multiple protection functions including Power supply, communication, analog output. High reliability.

Technical parameter:

Technical parameter

Signal output type

RS485 interface

Voltage output

Voltage output


Current output

Output range

Modbus Protocol









Input voltage





Average working current




<15mA (without output current)


Customize soil type


Digital transfer

High precision

Remote access

Many output voltages to be specified.

Instrument usage

Remote access

Soil moisture measurement area

A 7cm diameter, 7cm height cylinder which the center is the probe.

Response time (moisture and temperature)

Less than 1 second

Soil moisture measurement range

0-50% volumetric moisture content ;
0-100% volumetric moisture content

Soil moisture measurement accuracy

± 2% for 0-53%;

± 4% for 53-100%

Soil temperature measuring range


Soil temperature measurement accuracy


Protection grade

IP68, full-time working in water

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Material of the probe

Special corrosion resistant stainless steel

Sealing material

Black flame retardant epoxy resin


Wholly buried or put the probe into all the measured medium

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