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What Are The Textile Machinery And Equipment
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Textile machinery is the general name of all kinds of mechanical equipment needed for the processing of natural or chemical fibers into textiles. The processes needed to process different fibers from cotton, linen, silk and wool to textiles are quite different. Some of them are quite different. So there are various kinds of machines that are needed. As long as the classification of spinning equipment, weaving equipment, printing equipment, finishing equipment, chemical fiber spinning equipment, reeling equipment and nonwovenfabric equipment. The spinning equipment is divided into two kinds: the short fiber and the long fiber.  Cotton and cotton type chemical fiber is a short fiber, wool, hemp, silk and its blended fiber belong to long fiber. The processing procedure of the two kinds of fibers is different, and the equipment can not be used, but the design principle of some machines is similar. Even the same kind of equipment, the structure of the machine is similar, but because of the nature of the raw material and the final requirements of the fabric, the general is not common.

Spinning equipment is mainly divided into two kinds of short fiber and long fiber, which are varied in variety. The machine structure, use and performance are different. According to the process of order Blowroom machinery, carding machine, combing machine, winding machine, winding machine, machine, drawing frame, warping process, coarse yarn machine, spinning machine, spinning machine, wool and linen spinning machinery etc..

The weaving equipment is divided into collaterals, warping, warping, weaving and finishing.

Singeing machine printing and dyeing equipment (fabric singeing, desizing and scouring and bleaching machine) (cloth slurry return), mercerizing machine (the cloth fiber cloth neatly arranged, shiny, dye adsorption is better), uniform padder (cloth dyeing), molding machine (fabric type), shrinking machine (shrink control fabric).

Finishing equipment is mainly used for textile finishing, including coating, calender, printing, washing, nitriding, sand washing, embossing, punching, fining, embroidery, bronzing and so on.