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Tips For Using The Rain Chamber
- Jan 21, 2019 -

Generally, we understand the meaning of waterproof products, that is, whether the product can be used in rainy days, rain on the product has some adverse effects, then, rain test box is a through the simulation of natural rain weather, to test the product waterproof performance of the instrument.

Many enterprises do not know much about the rain test box, but the waterproof standard is more understanding, according to the national standard "gb4208-2017" on the provisions, IPX3/4 waterproof grade, is rainproof and splashproof, are the first time to use the rain test box.


So the writer here to give you some use of the tips, for your reference.

Before the test, manually click the pendulum tube to reset to zero, so that there will be no failure to start the case.

On the right side of the operation interface, there is a clock-like disc, on which the pointer represents the Angle of the pendulum tube.

The flowmeter type determines the flow value by observing the upper position.

Set the test time (10 minutes). After IPX3 test, you can directly select IPX4 and start.

When replacing the filter element, the water must be drained first;

The accessory box is usually on the back of the rain test box, which will be equipped with a needle, plug, hex key, water pipe, filter element wrench, filter element.

We hope that when using the rain test box, can pay attention to the above situation, at the same time to do a good job in the rain test box maintenance and maintenance work.

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