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The Importance Of The Waterproof Test Equipment
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The waterproof test box is suitable for external lighting and signal devices and automobile lamp housing protection. It can provide realistic simulation of electronic products and components in various environments such as sprinkling and spray test during transportation and use. In order to detect the waterproof performance of various products.

With the innovation of science and technology, the waterproof test box is becoming more and more important. For example, as a heavy traffic and transportation vehicle, the quality of the car is directly evaluated by the car. Deteriorating environment requires more cars to meet their performance requirements during or after rain exposure. It is one of the problems that many automobile manufacturers must face.

In order to improve the performance and quality of the whole vehicle, we should analyze and take appropriate measures to protect it in time. The importance of drip testing instrument is that it simulates the test of the rain in terms of products such as lamps, electrical components, cars and parts, so as to detect the performance of the products. Of course, with the addition of industrial products in the environmental market, the waterproof test box is also one of the most important testing equipment in the environmental testing equipment.