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The Features Of Soil Moisture And Temperature Sensor MS10
- Mar 16, 2018 -

The Features of soil moisture and temperature sensor MS10

This MS10 soil moisture & temperature sensor is provided with high accurate and high sensitive. By measuring the dielectric constant of the reaction of soil, soil direct stable real moisture content.This MS10 soil moisture & temperature sensor can measure the volume of soil moisture.the soil moisture measurement method is in line with international standards at present.Apply to the soil moisture monitoring, scientific experiment, water-saving irrigation, greenhouse vegetables, flowers, grass, soil, plant cultivation, measured speed of sewage treatment, grain storage, greenhouse control, precision agriculture, at the same time in the measurement of water, weather and particulate matter content.


l  High measuring accuracy, fast response, good interchangeability

l  Good sealing performance, corrosion resistance, used  far beneath thesoil 

l  The flame retardant epoxy resin curing, completely waterproof, can withstand the strong external shocks

l  Needle using quality materials, can withstand long-term electrolysis, can withstand the corrosion of acid and alkali in the soil

l  High measuring precision, reliable performance, the effects of soil salt content is small, suitable for all kinds of soil 

lPower reverse protection function