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Operation Details Of Rain Chamber
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Because many enterprises are the first time to use the rain test box, so small make up here for you to sort out the rain test box operation steps and methods, for your reference:


1. Connect the water source and power supply, the water pipe is 4 tap joints, and the power supply is 220V;

2. After opening the power supply, the water tank will alarm for lack of water, turn on the water adding switch, and automatically stop after filling the water;

3. Fix the sample in the middle of the turntable, adjust the height of the turntable, and make the sample shell 200mm away from the pendulum tube;

4. The pin holder marked with blue on the pendulum tube can be replaced with the plug to do the IPX3 rainproof test and the blue pin holder can be restored to do the IPX4 splash proof test.

5. Enter the operation interface and set the test time to 10 minutes;

6. Select waterproof grade IPX3 or IPX4.

7. Start the test. When the test is completed, it will stop automatically and give an alarm;

Note: after the rain test box is completed, please click data clearing and pipe setting to zero to facilitate the next test.

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