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Instructions On How To Install A Glow Wire Tester
- Apr 13, 2018 -

When all the parts are ready, you will try to install a glow wire test apparatus. Now we will teach you to install  a glow wire tester step by step. Just have a try!

In case of transportation safety, the hammer which is through out the tinsel and tester have been taken out. When receiving test box, please install hammer and tester according to the figures as below.

Step one

Hammer installation: pull the hammer through the tinsel under the right of the block. The left of tinsel with nut clip into the notch of bottom of carriage.

glow wire testing 1.png

glow wire testing 2.png

Step two

Place the test specimen to the carriage. Put the base plate under the glow-wire. Place the flat smooth wooden board on the base plate if using.

glow wire testing 3.png

Step three

The thermocouple is drilled into a pocket hole which is behind the tip of the glow wire. Adjust carefully and do not twist off.

glow wire testing 4.png