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Here's A Waterproof Detector You Don't Know
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Waterproof detector can be divided into eight series, IPX12 drops of rain, get wet in the rain IPX34, IPX56 spray, IPX78 flooding, IPX9K high temperature and high pressure, IP integrated device, IP56X and custom in the rain test device, a total of more than 140 models, especially IPX8 flooding series 2-1000 meters water depth test can do, can simulate underwater currents, can also control the temperature, because we are so professional.

Most of the waterproof detector can be divided into two types, one is split type, the other is box type. The main difference is that the separate type requires waterproof treatment for the test environment: the ground and the wall, the ground needs drainage ditch or floor drain, the box type: test inside the box, recycle water, suitable for indoor test.

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