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Guangzhou Rain Testing Machine Manufacturers Advantages
- Dec 04, 2018 -

We know that guangzhou has formed several hundred billion industrial clusters of automobiles, electronics, electric power and thermal power production and supply, electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, and vigorously implemented the IAB plan (new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biological medicine) and the NEM plan (new energy, new materials).

According to the different needs of different industries, our yuexin enterprise positioning in guangzhou, as a starting point, because guangzhou is also electronic components, auto parts, outdoor lighting and other industries concentration, and the waterproof performance of products also need to be improved, which requires the enterprise to choose to use or purchase rain tester.

1. Guangzhou has convenient transportation and is close to Hong Kong, Macao and other places. We promise that the service within guangdong province can be delivered to the site on the same day, and the service outside the province can reach the site within 72 hours.

2. Guangzhou electronic components, outdoor lamps, auto parts and other industries, such as the concentration of yuexin rain tester for these industries have a great demand for waterproof detection, with the point belt surface to improve the waterproof performance of the product.

3. Yue xin has his own research and development team. He has applied for 12 inventions and won the title of "little giant of science and technology" in panyu district of guangzhou.

Bonade only creates own brand, provides the suitable drench test machine for the customer.

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