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Future Development Trend Of Instrument Industry
- Nov 15, 2018 -

The quality and reliability of our products have always been a serious problem in the development of the instrument and instrument industry. The instrument and meter industry will improve the reliability, applicability and performance of products in the future. In fact, in some product areas, such as the Odyssey chuang self-developed hot wire tester products have reached the international level in terms of performance and function. But many companies are less reliable and adaptable. This is also a bottleneck that should be solved in the future development of China's instrument and meter industry, so as to make domestic instrument and meter more competitive in the international market.

According to authoritative organization according to the report, released in order to speed up the real focus on developing high precision, high stability, intelligent pressure, flow, level meter with high reliability and actuators, ingredients, smart grid, advanced measurement instruments AMI, precision instrument material analysis and mechanical property test equipment, the new type of nondestructive testing and the environment, multi-purpose calorific value tester, security testing instrument, the defense of special testing instruments and other kinds of test equipment.

In the next few years, intelligent manufacture equipment industry in China, we should firmly seize the development period of strategic opportunities, spirit of innovation and breakthroughs made in key areas, technology integration, solid foundation, the principle of multiple input, to transform and upgrade traditional industry and strategic emerging industry development needs, in view of the manufacturing process of perception, analysis, decision-making, control and implementation, integration of advanced manufacturing, information fusion and intelligent technology, to realize the automation and intelligent manufacturing, lean and green.