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Design And Construction Requirements Of Rain-proof Test Room
- Jan 24, 2019 -

At present many enterprises and third-party testing organizations will set up specially in the rain test room, get wet in the rain we are collectively referred to as test room, the standard of general in the rain test room as the drops of rain tester, get wet in the rain testing machine, hydraulic testing machine, immersion test machine, pressure immersion testing machine, high temperature and high pressure spray tester, get wet in the rain UL American standard testing machine, etc.

Since the rain test room, then it is different from ordinary home and tooling, decoration and construction to try to avoid or reduce the interference of external factors on the accuracy of the experiment, try to avoid the experiment caused by aging or damage to the environment, try to reduce the risk of the test process, so as to protect the laboratory staff.

Due to waterproof and waterproof testing machine in the process of testing to contact water, at the same time the floors, walls, equipment, personnel will be different degree of contact with water, going to get wet in the rain we are building this test in the front, to do well water, electricity, gas, warm and waterproof measures, but also will be used in the rain test room lamps and lanterns, sockets and other electronic equipment using the waterproof class.

The following points should be paid attention to when designing a complete set of rain-proof test room:


Safety is the priority among priorities of laboratory decoration and construction, which includes direct injury and indirect or long-term injury, as well as equipment safety and personal safety.In the laboratory decoration related to water, electricity, gas and heating, electrical and hvac have a greater impact on safety, so the safety protection of operators should be considered before the design.


Our home waterproof testing machine laboratory, is in order to accurately detect the waterproof performance of the product, so find a special manufacturer for the laboratory space layout, to avoid the mutual interference of the test area, the interference of the environment on the results, the aging and destruction of the test process on the environment.


In the rain test room, just like a small factory assembly line, from before to after a standard test process, a lot of laboratories because the laboratory construction is not reasonable, will cause the "upstairs and downstairs run, test again and again" and other waste of human and material resources.Convenience includes both ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

So the preparation of rain test room to focus on these, at the same time to find a focus on waterproof testing machine manufacturers to design and planning.

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