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Concrete Moisture Meter
- Mar 05, 2018 -

What Is a Concrete Moisture Meter?

A concrete moisture meter is a handheld tool, usually with a digital readout, used for measuring the amount of 

water present in concrete, usually in building construction to test concrete floor slabs. Surface meters can 

measure the moisture content in a concrete slab without any need for drilling holes in the slab.

Concrete slabs, as they dry and cure, do not lose moisture evenly. They dry from the surface down, meaning 

that at any given time after pouring, the surface will have less moisture than the interior, and the most 


will be at the bottom of the slab. This process of drying stops when the slab is covered, usually by flooring, but 

even a coating of urethane directly on the concrete itself will halt the loss of moisture. After the slab is 

covered, the moisture equilibrates, which means that the moisture spreads out evenly. An equilibrated slab will 

have an even moisture content from top to bottom.



FAQ on Concrete Moisture Meter

1.Why do the measurement results of moisture meters differ from different manufactures and of different 


Different test object, different temperatures and different regions influence electric parameters to a great 

extent, and most of the miniature meters can not offer corrections on test object and humidity. Instead, they 

can only be based on a certain test object and humidity. Different bases of different meters will certainly lead 

to difference in measurement results.

2. Does insufficient electric quantity of a battery influence the measurement result?

When the battery voltage is smaller than the rated voltage by 70~80%, a smaller measurement result will be 

displayed. For example, if the measured result is 14% under the rated voltage, then, the reading for the same 

object might be 11% or less, if the voltage is smaller than the rated voltage by 70%. When the low voltage 

symbol appears, it indicates insufficient electric quantity. Although the meter can work, the displayed reading is 

not accurate any longer, and replacement is necessary to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement.


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Concrete Moisture Meter