IEC60529 IPX5 IPX6 Water Jet Spary Nozzle

IEC60529 IPX5 IPX6 Water Jet Spary Nozzle

IEC60529 IPX5 IPX6, IEC60598-1 IEC 60335-1,IEC60745-1 IPX5 IPX6 water jet spary nozzle

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Product Details

IEC60529 IPX5 IPX6 water jet spary nozzle


internal diameter of the nozzle:6.3mm

--delivery rate:12.5/min+/- 5%

--water pressure:to be adjusted to achieve the specified delivery rate

--Core of the substantial stream:circle of approximately 40mm diameter at 2.5 distance from nozzle

--Test duration per square meter of enclosure surface area likely to be sprayed :1mm

--Minimum test duration :3min

--Distance from nozzle to enclosure surface:between2.5 and 3m


Test Set consists of a jet handle that is equipped with a pressure gauge and an easy-to-adjust flow valve.The interchangeable nozzles assemble easily to the jet handle.


The nozzles are made from stainless steel.


Pressure Gauge

0 - 1.6 bar

Nozzle Diameter

6.3mm(IPX5) ; 12.5mm(IPX6)


Stainless steel nozzle

Reference standards

IEC60529 IPX5 IPX6, IEC60598-1

IEC 60335-1,IEC60745-1

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