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Why need PH soil sensor
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Why need PH soil sensor?

The influences of soil pH on plants

Plants grow normally over a wide range, but plants have their own proper pH. PH value of most plants grow normally around 7.0. Most plants are difficult to grow at pH> 9.0 or <2.5.

Therefore, the actual production should pay more attention to changes in pH of soil to take a scientific and rational means to actively control the soil pH, soil buffer to improve performance.


 measure the significance of soil pH value

· The effect of soil pH on nutrient availability. Such as: nitrogen in 6 to 8 highly effective, because less than 6, Azotobacter activity decreased, while greater than 8, the nitrification was inhibited; Phosphorus 6.5 to 7.5 in the high availability. The availability of calcium and magnesium is best at pH 6-8; borates are more effective at pH 5-7.5.

Plant pests are directly related to soil pH. Underground pests often require a certain range of pH environmental conditions, such as bamboo locust like acid, beetle like alkali. Some diseases only occur within a certain pH range, such as damping-off disease often occurs in alkaline and neutral soil.

· Proper use of fertilizers. Based on the application of organic fertilizer, fertilizers should be rationally applied according to the degree of acid, alkali and soil fertility.

Product Introduction

PH10 soil pH (PH value) sensor, to solve the traditional soil PH to be equipped with professional display instruments, cumbersome calibration, integration difficult, power consumption, expensive, carrying difficulties and other shortcomings. Can be widely applied to agricultural irrigation, flower and horticulture, meadow pastures, soil testing, plant culture, scientific experiments and other fields. PH10 low power consumption, for long-term uninterrupted monitoring. The sensor has the following features:


· New soil pH sensor for online real-time monitoring of soil pH.

Adopt international advanced solid dielectrics and large areas of PTFE liquid junction, easy to plug, maintenance-free.

· Waterproof seal, high integration, small size, low power consumption, easy to carry, outdoor use.

High precision, fast response, good interchangeability and reliable performance.

Complete protection circuit and a variety of signal output interface optional.

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