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What are the common products that need to be tested for the environment?
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The newly developed products need to do reliability environmental tests, and the products that have been produced normally need to be retested every two years.

A test method for reproducing natural environment conditions by using specific facilities. This method is not affected by natural geographical, seasonal and weather conditions, can be single or multi factor change and biological control, electronic components, metal materials, parts, non-metallic materials, rubber products, external lighting, automotive lighting and signal devices test equipment is the necessary testing equipment, household appliances, automobiles, aviation research etc. in the field, for testing and determining parameters and performance of temperature environment and other electrical and electronic products and materials for high temperature, low temperature, constant or change after the test. Different climate environment, and create a suitable combination of artificial or harmful effects to climatic conditions; quantitative study of climatic conditions on the plant growth, aging, non metallic materials, corrosion resistant, waterproof exterior lighting parts vibration, the relationship between revealing and environmental factors; and if the natural the combination of climate, helps to improve the test procedures, shorten the research cycle. Artificial environment simulation has become an essential testing equipment for modern agriculture, industry, research institutes, universities and production enterprises.