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Waterproof test machine operation note
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Waterproof test machine operation note the following points:

1. Waterproof test machine is a sediment formed by liquid water droplets. Waterproof test machine has many characteristics, such as rainfall intensity, the size and speed of rain, the physical and chemical properties of raindrops, or various characteristics of rain. These will be produced for different types of equipment. Different effects.

2, waterproof test chamber is mainly used for electrical and electronic products in the rain environment test:

(1) Whether the rain exclusion system is effective.

(2) The ability of the instrument to meet its performance requirements during or after exposure to rain.

(3) Physical damage to the instrument due to rain.

(4) Protective cover or protective shell to prevent the effectiveness of rain.

Waterproof test box maintenance instructions:

1. Keep the sample clean and clean during the operation test.

2. Waterproof Test Chamber Device Test Water Please use as much as possible the impurity-free water (to prevent the water pump from being damaged or plug the shower hole without impurities). It is recommended that users install water softener and water filter in the water inlet pipe to ensure the water source. clean.

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