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Tips on using refrigerator test packages
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Now test package generally used in the test of refrigerators’ performance. The test package was made by skilful technicians, using classy raw materials bring it’s excellent quality.

 We have been engaged in production of test package for more than 20 years. Due to our wealth of experience and good reputation, we have supplied test package for a large number of refrigerator factory and laboratory all over the country even overseas. We also gives provides specific guidance for the refrigerator test packs.

refrigerator test packs.jpg

Here are some tips on using the test packages;


Need at below zero temperature condition when long storing, the optimum temporary is -18.

Thawing: Should be natural thawed at room temperature, don’t use such as microwave ovens, electromagnetic ovens to thaw.

Freezing: Beware of deformation when test package begin to freeze. Need repair timely if they have been deformed. The correct way is freezing in batches, when lower test package has completely freezing, add another one above it. This can prevents the lowermost test package by extrusion.

Seal: Keeping in sealed condition, once package is damaged should be repaired or discarded immediately, otherwise evaporation of water will affect the quality of test package.


Safety Warning


The product is harmful to health, please do not swallow, it may cause serious visual impairment, If accidentally swallowed, please turn to doctors as soon as possible; If the product is in contact with the skin, it may cause skin allergic reactions; The chemical composition of products harmful to aquatic organisms, avoid the residue released into the environment.


Please wear protective gloves /protective clothing/eye-face protective masks when using . Please wash the eyes with clear waterIf necessary, please remove the contact lenses and continue flushing.