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The use of the test nail
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The test nail is a manicure that is used to test whether the locking device on the device has enough locking ability to avoid mechanical or electrical damage.

The test nail is divided into two parts: the metal is used to simulate the finger and thrust of the nail.

Usage method:

The nail tip inserted into the lock slot.

During the test, thrust, tension or distortion force is required. According to the regulation of IEC60336-1:22.11, the maximum thrust is 50N, the maximum pulling force is 30N, and the maximum torque is 4N.m.

Before the test, the parts which may be removed during the installation or maintenance period should be first disassembled for 10 times.

A test nail was selected to meet the requirements of the test. A complete test was used to prepare the thrust of the maximum measured value of up to 30N.

The test nail of Guangzhou Zhichang mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has its own thrust and tension.