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Some suggestions that can not be ignored in the use of high and low temperature test cases
- Jan 16, 2018 -

As the equipment used for a long time, the high and low temperature test box has several points that can not be ignored in maintenance and maintenance.

1. After a low temperature test, it should be dried at least 30 minutes at 80 degrees. As the low temperature stops, the heating belt in the box is stopped working, and the cold temperature may permeate the sheet metal outside. Another point is to ensure the drying of the stainless steel in the box.

1. Try to avoid opening the door at high temperature or low temperature. Hot door open at high temperature can easily cause hot air to go to the outside of the box, causing scald, and it is easy to cause the door to be difficult to shut down.

Three, the high temperature test box must be placed in the dust free place, to ensure that there is a certain gap around the equipment. Do at least 3 months to clean up the dust of the condenser. If the time is long, the condenser blockage affects the cooling effect.