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Safety performance test of lithium ion battery for electric vehicles
- Aug 24, 2018 -

BONAD introduces you to the safety performance test of QC/T743 lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles

Our company is a direct manufacturer specializing in the production of battery safety testing equipment, including battery extrusion testing machine, battery needle testing machine, battery short circuit testing machine, battery thermal shock testing machine, battery drop testing machine, battery temperature cycling test machine. , battery burning test machine, battery low pressure test machine, etc.

According to the QC/T743 standard, the battery safety test items used are:

GX-6055 battery short-circuit test machine: external short circuit for single battery or battery pack for 10min, external line resistance should be less than 5 milliohms, the battery does not offer no fire.

GX-6052 battery drop test machine: The single battery or battery pack is dropped from a height of 1.5m to a hardwood floor with a thickness of 20mm. Once on each side, the battery does not explode and does not ignite.

GX-3020 battery thermal shock test machine: The battery was placed in a constant temperature oven at a temperature of 85 ° C for 120 min, and the battery did not explode without fire.

GX-5067 battery extrusion tester: The battery extrusion test is divided into single battery extrusion and battery module extrusion test. The extrusion of the single battery requires extrusion perpendicular to the plate of the battery, and the area of the extrusion head is not less than 20 square centimeters until the outer casing of the battery is broken or the internal short circuit of the battery (battery voltage is 0V). The battery module extrusion test requires a profiled plate to apply pressure perpendicular to the direction of the battery plates. The degree of extrusion is: firstly, 85% of the original thickness of the battery is squeezed, held for 5 minutes, and then extruded to 50% of the original size. The battery does not offer a fire.

GX-5068 battery needle tester: The battery needle test is divided into single battery needle and battery module needle test. Single-cell battery needling requires a steel needle with a diameter of 2mm~8mm, which runs through the square perpendicular to the battery plate, and the steel needle stays in the battery. The needle test of the battery module requires five single cells to be connected in series, and the same type of steel needle is used for penetration. At least three single cells are required to pass through, and the battery does not explode and does not ignite.

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