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Safety common sense of all kinds of test boxes
- Jan 16, 2018 -

1. When the test box is installed, the case shell must be grounded. If the test box is not grounded, the danger of the electric shock will be dangerous if the leakage is made.

2. If the heating sample is placed in the box, please use the external power supply to control the power supply. Do not use the power supply directly.

3, the box running will produce dangerous current, non professionals do not open the cabinet cover.

4, when the machine is running, all kinds of motors and fans are activated according to the instructions under the control of the controller. Never touch the components temporarily in static state by hand, prevent the components from suddenly starting up, and cause personal injury.

If you do need to work near the rotating part, please cut off the main power switch and ensure that the protective device is in good condition.

5, it is forbidden to move the test box when there is a sample, otherwise the sample may reverse or fall.

6, the test box must be installed level, otherwise it will cause alarm or control instability.

7, make sure that the test box is fixed before use, that is, the foot is adjusted from the foot to the ground, otherwise the test box will be moved accidentally when the force is subjected to external force.

8, before using the box test, please read the safety requirements and the safety mark on the equipment in detail.