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Installation Guide to soil sensor
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Installation Guide

Rapid measurement method: the selected measurement locations, the right to avoid the rocks, to ensure that the needle will not touch the stones like hard object, according to the required depth of cut open the surface soil, maintain the tightness degree of the original soil below the sensor body, clenched vertically inserted into the soil, can not be inserted before and after shaking, ensure the close contact with the soil. A measuring point within a small range test should repeatedly averaging.


Buried in the underground measurement method: vertical drilling diameter greater than 20 cm depth of pit, according to the measurement needs, then the sensor wire inserted into the pit wall in a given level of depth, the pit landfill compaction, ensure the close contact with the soil. Stable after a period of time, can be last for days, months or even longer to measure and record.


If the surface measurement is hard, should first hole (diameter should be less than the diameter of the probe), and then inserted into the soil and the soil compaction and measurement; sensor should prevent violent vibration and impact, but not with a hard object percussion. Because the sensor for black package, in the strong sunlight will make the sensor to make sharp warming (up to over 50 DEG C), in order to prevent the temperature measurement of high temperature impact sensor, please pay attention to sun protection in the field or fields