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How to install the pendulum tube of the spray test equipment
- Nov 16, 2018 -

The water-spraying experiment equipment is a kind of instrument commonly used in the waterproof test equipment, which is mainly used to test the ipx3/4 waterproof level of the product. It is generally applicable to the waterproof test of outdoor lamps, automobile fittings, electronic components and other products.


According to the size of the product, the specification of the swinging tube of the water-sprinkling experiment equipment is selected. According to the standard gb4208-2017, the shell is placed in the middle of the sample turntable, and the distance from the swinging tube is 200mm, which can be selected by referring to this value.

Since the swinging tube is separated from the main cabinet after installing the wooden box for the customer, the customer needs to install the swinging tube by himself before using it.

The following steps are listed as follows:

1. The main cabinet and auxiliary cabinet should be placed in the same horizontal position, with a distance between the swinging tube

2. Install the sealing gasket in the middle of the positioning of the auxiliary cabinet

3. The water inlet of the swing pipe should be aligned with the fixed position of the auxiliary cabinet

4. After positioning the swing pipe, tighten the bolts on both sides

5. Fix the casters of main cabinet and auxiliary cabinet.

6. The pendulum tube should be aligned in the middle and vertical.

7. Check the Angle of the swing tube and adjust upward according to the operation manual.

Follow the above steps to install the pendulum of the drenching experiment equipment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our online customer service.

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