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Flammability testing machine What are the technical parameters?
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Standard material flammability testing machine machine adopts advanced industrial appearance and control design, reasonable design, compact structure.

Control box with microcomputer controller and integrated LED digital display technology, high degree of automation, easy to operate.

Burner automatic mobile automatic positioning, 3C certification heat-resistant tempered glass, centrifugal fans, gas leak alarm device, and other user-friendly design, building insulation materials combustion level test to facilitate the safety norms of the operation of the test.

Configure two different flame locators, sample-like clips, sample sampling board to meet the specific requirements of different customers test the operation. Building materials flammability tester to meet the national standard GB / T8626-2007 stipulated in the main technical indicators and requirements, under the conditions to determine whether the building materials and their products with flammability test methods.

Standard material flammability testing machine main parameters:

The whole configuration: The test machine by the control box, the combustion chamber body, burner, solenoid valve, high pressure ignition, signal control lines and sample holder;

Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz;

Gas purity:> 95% propane gas; (customer-provided)

Flame time: 0 ~ 99999s can be set;

Holding time: 0 ~ 99999s can be set;

Accuracy: 0.01s

Burner size: burner from Ф 0.17mm diameter nozzle and control valve and is equipped with four ¢ 4mm air suction hole;

Flame height: 20 ± 2mm;

Burner inclination: 45 °;

Ignition system: high-voltage electronic ignition, automatic ignition, reset;

Sample holder: Two U-shaped stainless steel frame, width 15mm, thickness 5mm