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FAQ on Soil Sensor Part One
- Feb 27, 2018 -

1.What do your soil sensor probes measure?

Soil sensors measure the volumetric water content, temperature, or electric conductivity  in soil.

2.Which kinds of soil sensors do you supply?

We have many kinds of soil sensors with different functions. Such as soil moisture only, soil moisture plus 

temperature 2 in 1, soil moisture with EC 2 in 1 soil temperature and EC 2 in 1 and soil moisture, 

temperature and EC 3 in 1.

3.What’s the applications of soil sensors

Agriculture. Measuring soil moisture is important for agricultural applications to help farmers manage 

their irrigation systems more efficiently.

Landscape irrigation. In urban and suburban areas, landscapes and residential lawns are using soil moisture 

sensors to interface with an irrigation controller. using soil moisture sensors to increase the efficiency of 

their irrigation systems to prevent over-watering and leaching of fertilizers

Research. Soil moisture sensors are used in numerous research applications, e.g. in agricultural 

science and horticulture including irrigation planning, climate research, or environmental 

science including solute transport studies .

4.What’s  the outputs of soil sensor?

We manufactures soil sensors of outputs RS485, 0-2V,4-20Ma,SDI-12.

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