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Environmental testing equipment industry overall situation
- Jan 16, 2018 -

In recent years, due to the rapid development of the domestic economy and the high investment in fixed assets, the environmental test equipment industry has continued its rapid development. As a result, the environmental testing equipment industry has achieved over 20% revenue growth for five consecutive years.

Environmental testing equipment industry generally smaller companies, industry concentration is low Because of the multi-species testing machine, small batch size, the size of a single enterprise is generally not large, especially in our dust testing machine industry is showing a "casual Small, weak "situation.

Overall, the environmental testing equipment industry concentration is still low, low concentration of the industry is not conducive to sustained scientific research investment in the industry slowdown prone to disorderly competition, the price war broke out. As environmental testing equipment industry concentration is not high, many companies do not have the core technology, the industry presents the situation in the low-end market is highly competitive, competing for the price, the high-end market is controlled by foreign-funded enterprises or by the occupation of imported products, domestic Corporate profitability is generally not strong.

Foreign-funded enterprises occupy a great advantage from the industry structure type of enterprise point of view, instrumentation industry restructuring and restructuring are relatively fast progress in the industry.

In terms of sales revenue, sales revenue of state-owned enterprises in the first half of 2005 has dropped below 15%, foreign-funded enterprises have exceeded 50% and private-owned enterprises accounted for 35%. From here you can see that instrumentation industry in the entire mechanical and electrical industry belongs to the reform and restructuring of faster progress in the industry, a considerable number of state-owned enterprises have been converted to private; foreign-funded enterprises in China is also very active, many well-known foreign multinational companies All invest in our country, or expand production, the corresponding income also accounts for more than half of the industry's income.

In terms of the number of entrepreneurs, the number of private-owned enterprises occupies an absolute predominance. According to the statistics of 2004, the total number of state-owned enterprises, private-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises accounted for 12.44%, 55.86% and 26.70% respectively. From the proportion of revenue and the number of enterprises point of view, the general scale of private enterprises is still relatively small, the strength is relatively weak.

In addition, general dustproof testing machine continued to show good growth momentum, especially in industrial automation and control system device manufacturing industry not only demand a large total volume, but also rapid growth, reflecting our country in a critical period of industrialization, the demand for automation and control devices will continue exuberant.