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Electrical installation of a waterproof test box
- Jan 16, 2018 -

Waterproof test box is a specific requirements for methods of electrical installation and use, please strictly follow the instructions or installation instructions for connection, pay attention to the power supply capacity of not more machines at the same time using a power supply, in order to avoid pressure drop, affecting the performance of the machine, please use the special way back.

The first point is that the voltage requirement of the box type rain test box is 3 pH. 5W 380V 50HZ. After meeting this requirement, please distribute according to the way of the power supply wiring of the waterproof test box.

Second: the line diameter of the forest frequency waterproof test box is: 4mm2, the cable length is generally less than 3 meters.

The third point: the allowable range of the change of the power supply voltage of the test box is 10%.

Fourth point: in addition to connecting the local power, please do not connect any other related power, prevent overload caused by the increased power supply, cause the equipment load to be too high and burn the machine.

Fifth: check carefully whether the wiring or piping of the waterproof test box is in good condition. If there is any damage, please replace it in time or repair it.