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Design of water tank for rain test equipment
- Nov 22, 2018 -

The need for rain testing equipment is increasing, because the waterproof performance of many enterprise products is gradually increasing. In the future, the use scenarios of products are not affected by the rain weather. Therefore, while designing and developing new products, enterprises also need to use the rain test equipment to test the waterproof performance of products.


Enterprises on the knowledge of rain testing equipment is not comprehensive, small make up here will be introduced to you one by one, starting from the main components.

The water tank is a key part of the equipment for rain detection.

For the design of the water tank, yue xin rain detection equipment has been constantly updated and adjusted. In the early days, the water tank was placed at the bottom of the inner box.

Design updates, technical innovations, and customer feedback, the new generation of rain water detection equipment, our yue xin directly installed the water tank with the inner box, the water tank installed with the upper water level switch and the lower water level switch. The water inlet is equipped with an electronic valve and a water-level control alarm system on the control procedure. The water shortage of the water tank will prompt an alarm, and the water tank will stop adding water when it is full. When the water tank is connected to the inner box, it is convenient for the customer to keep clean from time to time.

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