Needle Flame And Ignition Test Instrument

Needle Flame And Ignition Test Instrument

IEC60695-2-2 Needle Flame Test Instrument for Material Resistant Combustion Testing

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Product Details

IEC60695-2-2 Needle Flame Test Instrument for Material Resistant Combustion Testing

Model: BND-ZY

Product Description:

Needle-flame Tester could be applicable to ignition hazard test, combustibility test of electronic industry, home electronic appliance and materials. This tester specifies a needle-flame test to simulate the effect of a small flame which may result from fault conditions, in order to assess product and material's ignition risk and fire retardance by a simulation technique the fire.

This product is designed and manufactured according to IEC60695-11-5:2004(GB/T5169.5-2008) Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products-part 2: Test methods- needle-flame test methods.

Needle-flame Tester's crust and important parts are made by Stainless Steel, Sculpt daintily, endure smoke corrupt, high automatism, high reliability of key parts of apparatus, numeric shows. Fixture could be adjusted. Test procedure could be controlled automatically which is convenience and reliable.


needle burner

the hole Φ 0.5mm ± 0.1mm, outside diameter ≤ Φ 0.9mm, length ≥ 35mm,


stainless steel

burner angle

tilt 45 ° (test) or vertical (adjust the flame height)

Application time

0-999 .9 s ± 0.1s adjustable (normally choose to 30s)

Burning duration

0-999 .9 s ± 0.1s, auto record, manual suspension

flame height

12mm ± 1mm (with a height measurement apparatus)

Burn gas

95% of the butane gas (Pressure:Less than 0.2MP)

temperature measurement range

0 ~ 1000 ℃

flame temperature requirements

from 100 ℃ ± 2 ℃ 700 ℃ ± 3 ℃ rise to the time 

in 23.5 seconds ± 1 seconds


Φ0.5mm (K type)

experimental background

black background

test procedure

automatic control

reference standard

IEC60695 -11-5-2004, GB/T5169.5-2008

inside dimension

0.5 cubic meters, stainless steel chassis

equipment dimensions

1000mm wide × 650mm deep × 1300mm high 

power supply

AC220V ± 5%, 50Hz, 0.3KVA

needle flame testing equipment.jpglab test equipment.jpg

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