IEC60068 Programmable Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

IEC60068 Programmable Constant Temperature And Humidity Test Chamber

IEC60068 Programmable Constant temperature and humidity test chamber

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IEC60068 Programmable Constant temperature and humidity test chamber


Constant temperature test chamber is also known as environment test machine, it can simulate the complex environment situations like: low temperature, high temperature, low temperature and humidity and high temperature and humidity. It usually suits for electrical product, household appliances, batteries, plastic, food, paper, cars, metal, chemical, building materials, inspection, institution and college.


Temperature range:  -40C ~ 150C
Temperature fluctuation: ≤0.5C
Temperature evenness:  ≤2C
Lowest temperature:  -40C
Temperature rise time:  normal temperature to 150C (0.7~1℃/min 40min, nonlinearity)
Temperature drop time:  normal temperature to -40C (3~5℃/min 65min, nonlinearity)
Humidity range:  20%~98%RH
Humidity fluctuation: ±1%RH
Humidity evenness:  ±2%RH
Observe window: 34x26x4cm vacuum thermal insulation layers

Inner Chamber Material: 304 stainless steel

Outer Chamber Material: Yarn surface stainless steel

Thermal Insulation Material: High quality Polyurethane foam 100mm

Inner light: 11W
Power: AC 380V
Wheels: 4

(Please tell me the type you need, the price will be different)

Volume Temperature Humidity Chamber inner size
Chamber outer size
80L / 100L

0 ~ 150C
-20 ~ 150C
-40 ~ 150C
-60 ~ 150C
-70 ~150C

or higher temperature

20%RH ~ 98%RH 400*400*500mm 1000*870*1700 mm
150L 500*500*600 mm 1050*970*1750 mm
225L 600*500*750 mm 1150*970*1900 mm
408L 800*600*850 mm 1350*1150*1950 mm
800L 1000*800*1000 mm 1450*1300*2100 mm
1000L 1000*1000*1000 mm 1550*1550*2000 mm

1. PID control, LCD touch screen, programmable controller

2. Controller temperature set:  -199℃~+200℃

3. Controller humidity set:   0%~100%

4. Controller time set:  0~9999 hour/minute/second

5. Curve display, set curve and actual curve
6. Chinese and English switchable
7. Data, time, appointment turn on, auto turn off lock function
8. Meet standards like: IEC60068/IEC68-1-2/IEC68-2-2/MIL-STD810D/MIL-STD202F

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Packaging and Shipping                                                     

1. Aluminium box and carton box, careful and tight package, make sure the package is intact. 

2. The package will be shipped by DHL/Fedex/TNT/EMS/UPS/China post/EF-Express/Special line, as you have chose in the order.

3.  The shipping time is different, it depends on the distance bewteen us. At usual, exclude the preparing time, the goods would be sent to you in 5days.

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