High And Low Temperature Low Pressure Test Chamber

High And Low Temperature Low Pressure Test Chamber

we accept custom made different range of the temperature and different pressure test machine.

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High and low temperature low pressure test chamber



1,This equipment mainly consists of five basic parts: test box, temperature circulation system, low pressure vacuum system, and program control system. among them:

1. The test box includes the pressure vessel, the door, the insulation layer, the shell seal, the test signal lead-out hole and the external flange, and the indoor lighting.

2. The temperature cycle system includes a refrigeration system and a heating system. The refrigeration system includes the original German blog semi-hermetic compressor, Danish Danfoss expansion valve, DuPont Refrigerant, Taiwan Collier plate heat exchanger, US TEMPRITE oil separator, Danfoss Denmark or the same brand of solenoid valves. The heating system includes electric heaters, using domestic brands and mature technology and reliable materials.

3. Low pressure vacuum systems include imported brands of vacuum pumps, vacuum gauges, vacuum electromagnetic block valves, vacuum bleed valves, vacuum trim valves, oil traps, pipes and hoses, and standard connectors.

4. The control system uses Chinese and English interfaces, and the control system uses self-developed software. The control system selects the brand components and controls the low pressure system, temperature circulation system, refrigeration unit, valve opening process, and test data processing (acquisition, storage, download).


Product namer


High and low temperature low pressure test chamber



Sample limitation

This test equipment is prohibited:

Test and storage of inflammable, explosive and volatile materials

Test and storage of corrosive material samples

Testing or storage of biological samples

Test and storage of strong electromagnetic emitter samples


Inner size

Outer size


1000 L

W1000×H1000×D1000 mm  

About W1600×H1800×D3200 mm (Subject to final design drawings)

1.1. Performance indicators

1.2. Test environment conditions

Environment temperature:5~35℃、relative Humidity ≤85%RH


The equipment shall not be used for testing or storage of articles containing inflammable, explosive or volatile or corrosive gases

1.3. Test methods



1.4. Temperature range


1.5. Temperature fluctuation

1.6. Temperature deviation

≤  ±0.5℃(normal atmosphere,no-load


≤  ±2.0℃(normal atmosphere,no-load

1.7. temperature gradient


1.8. vacuum range

Normal atmosphere-0.1KPa

1.9. vacuum accuracy


1.10. vacuum testing time


1.11. Heat load

 400W at -54℃

Heat rate

(normal atmosphere


-70℃-+100℃  average:3.5℃/min(normal atmosphere,no-load

Cooling rate

(normal atmosphere


+100℃--70℃ average :2.5℃/min(normal atmosphere,no-load

1.12. Pressure range


0.1KPa~101.3 KPa

Setting range

Simulate altitude

1.09 kPa

30500 m

2.75 kPa

24400 m

4.43 kPa

21350 m

11.68 kPa

15250 m

19.16 kPa

12200 m

30.06 kPa

9150 m

46.54 kPa

6100 m

57.3  kPa

4550 m

69.66 kPa

3050 m

1.13. standards

GB/T2423.1-2008 Test A: Low temperature test method

GB/T2423.2-2008 Test B: High Temperature Test Method

GB/T2423.21-2008 Test M: Low Pressure Test Method

GB/T2423.25-2008 Test Z/AM: Comprehensive test of low temperature/low pressure

GB/T2423.26-1992 Test Z/BM: Comprehensive test of high temperature/low pressure

GJB150.3-1986 high temperature test

GJB150.4-1986 Low temperature test

GJB150.6-1986 Temperature altitude test

GJB360A-1996 Method 105: Low Pressure Test

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