Battery Thermal Shock High Temperature Circulation Chamber

Battery Thermal Shock High Temperature Circulation Chamber

Battery thermal shock high temperature circulation testing

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Battery thermal shock high temperature circulation chamber



Mainly used for furnace heat test, heating test, etc.


Standards compliant:

UL1642-2012, UL2054-2005, GB31241-2014, QC/T 743-2006, QC/T 744-2006, GB/T 2900.11-1988, MT/T1051-2007



1, It is treated with SECC steel plate and fine powder paint; SUS stainless steel is used inside.

2, New high temperature long axis motor.

3, turbofans.

4, Silicone is tight (Sillcon packing).

5, over temperature protection, overload automatic power off system.

6, Circulatory system: forced horizontal air supply cycle.

7, heating system: PID+S.S.R.

8, Thermostat: PID microcomputer can be programmed, fully automatic thermostat, and rapid temperature compensation.

9, Timer: When the temperature is up, the time is off.

10, According to the customer's demand, the glass window can be selected according to the customer's specified specifications.


Temperature Control System:

1. Temperature range: RT+10~200°C can be adjusted and controlled.

2. Accuracy: Control accuracy ± 0.5 ° C,

3. Distribution temperature: ±2.0 °C (no load)

4. Heating rate: The whole process averages 5 °C ± 2 °C / min

5. Timing setting: A total of eight segments, each time is 99H59M

6. Cooling method: natural cooling

7. The temperature control is the PID microcomputer automatic calculation PV/SV simultaneous display, which can be based on the individual within the allowable range of machine temperature.

Willingness to freely set the required temperature, and ensure the accuracy of its temperature control by setting the PID parameters in the table.

The system itself carries the self-calculation of the system to obtain appropriate temperature control parameters.

8. Temperature input force CA (K) TYPE output is 12V.

9. The current controller is a SSR contactless relay that maintains high current stability.

10. The heating material is honeycomb stainless steel heating tube, no pollution and long service life.


Test chamber dimensions:

Inner size(MM)

Outer size(MM)

Power supply



AC single phase three wire 220V 4KW

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